Why does a "beer breast" appear?
Gynecomastia (which is what doctors call an increase in the mammary glands in men) develops for various reasons.
The most common and banal reason, because of which there is a "beer belly", and a large chest, and other unpleasant consequences of non-compliance with the correct diet. An excess of calories leads to the formation of excess fat deposits, as a result of which more and more new kilograms are added in more and more undesirable places.
The fat layer on the breast of a man can also be formed due to a violation of the hormonal background. The cause of hypertrophy of the male glands is an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. When the male body is dominated by estrogen, the male glands are enlarged, and gynecomastia occurs. This is the name of a disease in which large breasts are formed in men.
Hormonal failure can be caused by completely different factors. Remember Bob from Fight Club? He was a bodybuilder and was fond of absorbing hormones, which is why he lost his athletic figure and acquired a luxurious chest. Steroids are one of the reasons for male breast enlargement, and with the wrong approach to such an ambiguous decision, in addition to impressive muscle mass, you can get an equally impressive breast.
In some cases, breast augmentation is not a cosmetic defect, but a symptom of a disease. Cirrhosis of the liver, chronic kidney failure, disorders of the male genital organs, testicular cancer, hyperthyroidism can lead to gynecomastia. Also, the breast may increase with age and when taking certain medications (diuretics, anti-pressure drugs, antibiotics, anti-ulcer drugs).
Beer can affect the growth of a man's breast only in terms of excess weight. 100 ml of beer contains on average more than 40 kilocalories (in denser and stronger varieties-more). In addition, beer is often consumed with high-calorie snacks.
In all other cases, beer has nothing to do with it. Sometimes you can find statements that breast growth is caused by phytoestrogens contained in beer. But phytoestrogens do not act in the same way as the human hormones estrogens. In addition, beer contains less of them than many vegetables, and in general, phytoestrogens do not have the property of accumulating: on the contrary, their breakdown in the body occurs very quickly.
Thus, if you want to prevent the formation of a "beer breast", you do not need to completely abandon beer. It is enough not to abuse it, not to overdo it with high-calorie snacks and lead an active, mobile lifestyle, spending enough calories so that the beer you drink is not deposited either on your chest or on your stomach.
If you are quite slim, but you notice the formation of unwanted bulges on your chest (especially if they have developed quickly), you need to see a doctor as soon as possible and be examined for the diseases that we discussed above.
To date, the reduction of the male beer breast is one of the most frequent requests for an appointment with a plastic surgeon.
If the growth of the breast is caused by the abuse of fatty foods, sweet, flour, high-calorie drinks (including beer), as well as exceeding the level of the daily caloric intake, then the focus of your problem is not the breast itself, but the body as a whole. Sports activities and counting calories will reduce fat mass not only in the chest area, but also throughout the body at once.
A man weighing 100 kg with 35% fat when sedentary work requires about 2,100 calories a day to maintain weight, and to gradually lose weight, you need to create a stable deficit of about 300-400 calories-by increasing activity and reducing the caloric content of the diet.
The "beer chest" can not be pointwise removed by any sports loads and diets — it is useless to press from the chest, trying to pump fat into the muscles. Only a general weight loss will help to get rid of it.